Photography Major at the New Hampshire Institute of Art


Undivided attention from faculty who love Photography as much as you do makes for an experience that few students encounter in their academic lives. That's the NHIA difference.

Undivided attention from faculty who are second to none in their profession makes for an experience that few students encounter in their academic lives. We teach students traditional darkroom and film techniques while engaging in new technologies in the field: from the daguerreotype to digital. Students create photographs as they were created over 100 years ago, while also learning advanced digital making and editing techniques. These are skills that few in the industry have but many desire in this highly competitive field.

Find inspiration in the Teti Library’s special collection of rare photographic books and prints or get your hands dirty interning at a photographic studio, magazine, or museum. Our faculty have over 150 years of cumulative experience in fine art, commercial, and photojournalistic photography, and tailor their teaching to meet each student’s individual needs. You’ll graduate ready to dive into a wide range of career possibilities.

Each of our programs are flexible, career-focused and innovative. With more electives, a focus on professional practice and a broad education including liberal arts and sciences, NHIA provide artists, writers and designers the freedom to explore within and beyond their major, to think and make in innovative ways, and to be in tune with the professional demands of both current and future careers in art and design. This is education tailored to your goals!

Career options

Gallery director, director of photography, photo journalist, image specialist, documentary photographer, editorial photographer, lighting and equipment manager, location scouter, advertising and editorial photographer, digital re-toucher and processor, photo archivist and conservator, aerial photographer, visual stylist 

What else you need to know

  • We are the ONLY college in America offering BFA degrees that require all students to complete three semesters of professional practices, business marketing, and entrepreneurship studies for the arts.
  • Our partnership with UNH Manchester expands course offerings by double, without adding expense or time to complete your degree
  • We require nine credits of a professional practicum (paid or unpaid internships) in all disciplines
  • Every freshman gets a fully loaded Macbook laptop for no additional expense


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Do what you love with your degree


  • Photography Careers

    Teach secondary or post-secondary students about the history and practice of photography.

  • Gallery Director

    Curate photography exhibitions and manage sales for a gallery space.

  • Freelance Photographer

    Capture the world's most important moments as a photographer for online and print magazines and other publications.

  • Fine Art Photographer

    Express your unique artistic vision through the lens of your camera, exhibiting your work at galleries and museums.

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