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The Liberal Arts and Sciences program at New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) allows for increased student choice, requiring students to complete two Humanities and two Quantitative or Science courses, plus 12 credits of electives in any Humanities or Sciences. These liberal arts courses provide students with the thread that connects their studies to the world around them. Our curriculum covers the broad range of subjects needed for a truly comprehensive college education, from English composition, philosophy and psychology to math and science, but through coursework designed to inform and enrich your practice in the studio and your life as a member of today’s society. You’ll learn to communicate effectively, apply mathematical principles to your art, sharpen your critical thinking and research deeply and efficiently. You’ll complete your course requirements with the skills you need to be an informed, thoughtful, productive citizen and a well-rounded artist.

In addition, NHIA has recently expanded our academic partnership with University of New Hampshire (UNH) Manchester that will allow full-time students from both colleges to take classes on either campus, thus bringing together the fine arts, design and creative writing skills that NHIA is known for with the strong business, science, technology, engineering and math courses offered by UNH Manchester. This collaboration aligns our 118-year-old, private, non-profit art and design college with the Manchester branch of the state’s public liberal arts and sciences university to create a true Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) alliance.

This is a move that not only provides a solid educational foundation for students but also contributes to the continued economic success of Manchester, NH, which is home to over 17,000 college students and has been named by Fast Company as one of the next “top 10 cities for tech jobs” in America.

In today’s increasingly cost-constrained higher education landscape, this innovative partnership allows both colleges to provide more robust educational opportunities without incurring additional cost; classes taken through this collaborative arrangement won’t cost students at either institution a penny more than what they’re already paying for tuition. For more about this opportunity, click here

What else you need to know

  • We are the ONLY college in America offering BFA degrees that require all students to complete three semesters of professional practices, business marketing, and entrepreneurship studies for the arts.
  • Our partnership with UNH Manchester expands course offerings by double, without adding expense or time to complete your degree
  • We require nine credits of a professional practicum (paid or unpaid internships) in all disciplines
  • Every freshman gets a fully loaded Macbook laptop for no additional expense


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