Earn both a BFA and a Master of Art in Art Education.

Dual Degree: Art Education BFA and MAT

“I toured this college and loved it so much I never toured any other colleges. I liked that you start teaching right away. This is beneficial because you’ll know immediately if teaching is for you, so you don’t waste any of your time. The faculty are honestly like heroes without capes. They are so involved. They make sure everyone in the program is on task and getting all the support they need.” Sabrina Tetreault, Dual Degree BFA/MAT, Class of 2018

Our combined BFA and Master of Arts in Teaching Visual Art (MAT) program provides both degrees in five years, saving you money and getting you into the classroom faster. We also provide you with a unique opportunity to teach at our Youth Arts program. This allows NHIA students to gain real world experience in after-school and in-school placement with a mentor teacher. What’s more, your degree comes with reciprocity options that allow you to teach in any state you want. You’ll gain the full range of teaching skills and techniques in a program designed and run by K-12 visual art educators. You’ll graduate with the skills and qualifications to advance earnings and win sought-after positions.

What NHIA’s Dual Degree program provides:

  • Students earn a BFA and a Masters degree in five years instead of the usual six – not only do they save money in tuition but they also get into the classroom as a teacher a year sooner
  • The teaching certification students receive has reciprocity options in all states – meaning they will train and receive credentials to teach in New Hampshire and can obtain credentials to teach K-12 visual art education in any state in the US
  • Students will gain real world experience and develop teaching skills in our  Youth Arts Program where they will work alongside other teachers with inner city youth in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the state of New Hampshire
  • In the BFA program the student concentrates on developing their own art practice, but also work with a cohort of Art Education students who are developing teaching skills and learning about visual arts education practices from a group of Art Education faculty and mentors

Each of our programs are flexible, career-focused and innovative. With more electives, a focus on professional practice, a broad education including liberal arts and sciences, and a partnership with UNH Manchester, NHIA provide artists, writers and designers the freedom to explore within and beyond their major, to think and make in innovative ways, and to be in tune with the professional demands of both current and future careers in art and design. This is education tailored to your goals!

*The MAT is for visual art education, therefore creative writing majors cannot become educators through the MAT program.

Career Options

K-12 art teacher, after-school art teacher, art therapist, consultant, art education instructor, writer, camp art director, textbook publisher, tutor, education program director, corporate trainer

What else you need to know

  • We are the ONLY college in America offering BFA degrees that require all students to complete three semesters of professional practices, business marketing, and entrepreneurship studies for the arts.
  • Our partnership with UNH Manchester expands course offerings by double, without adding expense or time to complete your degree
  • We require nine credits of a professional practicum (paid or unpaid internships) in all disciplines
  • Every freshman gets a fully loaded Macbook laptop for no additional expense


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