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Creative Writing

We cover far more than the fundamentals, encouraging students to experiment, invent, and get inspired. Then we'll teach you how to apply your talents to a career where you'll actually get to use them.

NHIA BFA Creative WritingSurrealism and Rebellion. Gothics and Monsters. Writing the Senses. Graphic Novels. Creative writing at the New Hampshire Institute of Art encompasses far more than the fundamentals, encouraging students to experiment, invent, and inspire. Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Writing means you’re not stuck in a traditional English department. Instead, you’re in the center of a thriving community of artists ripe with opportunities for cross-fertilization.

Our faculty of professional authors live the writing life right alongside you, giving every student individual attention and a real voice in their education. Our visiting writers series puts you up close and personal with top names in the field, and our proximity to Boston and the Seacoast region sets your study in the heart of a thriving culture of readings, workshops and literary conferences. You’ll gain experience editing our literary magazine Ayris, build a network of support with other professional writers, and crown your achievements with a published book.

Each of our programs are flexible, career-focused and innovative. With more electives, a focus on professional practice and a broad education including liberal arts and sciences, NHIA provide artists, writers and designers the freedom to explore within and beyond their major, to think and make in innovative ways, and to be in tune with the professional demands of both current and future careers in art and design. This is education tailored to your goals!

Career Options

Author, script writer for TV, movies or video games, literary consultant, playwright, magazine editor, documentary filmmaker, graphic novelist, web editor, marketing writer, art writer, art critic, grant writer, columnist, teacher, blogger, writing coach, ghost writer

What else you need to know

  • We are the ONLY college in America offering BFA degrees that require all students to complete three semesters of professional practices, business marketing, and entrepreneurship studies for the arts.
  • Our partnership with UNH Manchester expands course offerings by double, without adding expense or time to complete your degree
  • We require nine credits of a professional practicum (paid or unpaid internships) in all disciplines
  • Every freshman gets a fully loaded Macbook laptop for no additional expense


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Catalyst - An NHIA News Magazine
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Do what you love with your degree


  • Creative Writing Careers

    Communicate complex and technical information clearly and effectively to customers, designers and manufacturers.

  • Video Game Writer

    Join a creative team and create scripts that drive game action.

  • Author

    Produce creative original copy for books, magazines, newspaper articles, screen plays and websites.

  • Greeting Card Writer

    Find the short and sweet ways to say what everyone really means.

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