Tuition & Fees

Worried that art school tuition will be prohibitively expensive? At the New Hampshire Institute of Art, you’ll find both incredible value and a powerful return on your investment. You’ll experience our high-caliber, accessible faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized approach to teaching and learning all for $10,000 to $20,000 less than the price tag at comparable New England private art colleges.

BFA Tuition & Fees for Academic Year Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Full Time Students

In addition to the costs below, NHIA recommends that each student allow $2,000 per semester for art supplies and books. Please also note that NHIA provides all incoming freshmen students with their own Mac PowerBook laptop computer complete with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office 365 software at no additional charge! 

Tuition and Fees

Per semester

Per year

Tuition (12 – 18 credits per semester)



Comprehensive Fee



Student Activity Fee




Room and Board

Per semester
 Per year

19 meals/wk

10 meals/wk**

       19 meals/wk

10 meals/wk**

Single room*



       $13,260  $12,760

Double room*



       $11,460  $10,960

Triple room*



       $10,760  $10,260

Refundable Housing Damage Deposit: Add $250 per year *
Only Commuters, Juniors and Seniors can choose the 10 meal plan **

Part Time Student

Tuition per 3 credit course


Tuition per one credit


Comprehensive Fee Per Credit


Student Activity Fee



Additional fees
Late payment: $100/month
Returned check: $50
Declined credit card: $50
Graduation: $100
Application fee: $50
NHIA student health insurance premium: $1818 per year
Books and Supplies: Variable


New Hampshire Institute of Art requires that all first and second-year, full-time (i.e., students with 12 or more credits), BFA students live on-campus. This requirement may be waived for students who:

  • Live at and commute from a parent’s/legal guardian’s (defined as the person(s) who is named and whose financial information appears on the student’s completed FAFSA) home address that is less than 50 miles from NHIA’s Manchester campus (based on Google Maps);
  • Will be 21 years or older at the start of the upcoming NHIA semester;
  • Transfer 30 or more college credits to New Hampshire Institute of Art, and/or;
  • Are married, in a civil union, have a domestic partner, or are the primary care-giver for a child at the start of the upcoming New Hampshire Institute of Art semester.

NHIA is eager to foster a vibrant residential experience for our new students and believes that residence hall living offers an invaluable component of the overall art school experience. Living in the Residence Halls allows students the freedom to focus primarily on their course of study. We believe strongly that living on campus releases a student from the stress of commuting, monthly financial and roommate issues, safety concerns, and also allows them to participate in the creative community on campus.

** The Housing Damage Deposit (for resident students only) is assessed only once and will be refunded to the student, less any damage to NHIA property, at graduation or when they move off campus.

Students enrolled in more than 18 credits per semester will be assessed an Overload Charge of $1,095 per credit.

Students concerned about paying NHIA’s costs are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA at NHIA’s school code is 031823. Need-based tuition and housing grants are available to NHIA students who qualify. Visit our financial aid page for more information.

NHIA offers a payment plan option for all students.

Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from a course or from the Institute, the tuition and fee charges* will be adjusted according to the following refund policy.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Percent Adjusted

Percent Student Responsibility

If officially dropped or withdrawn by the end of the first academic week



If officially dropped or withdrawn by the end of the second academic week



If officially withdrawn by the end of the third academic week



If officially withdrawn by the end of the fourth academic week



There are no refunds given for withdrawals after the fourth academic week.

* The Student Activity Fee is non-refundable.

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