Student Health & Safety

We’re serious about keeping you healthy and safe. Whether you’re looking for counseling, struggling with financial concerns, or just looking for a walk home after a late night in the studio, we’re here to help.


The Office of Student Affairs offers free, confidential counseling to students with health, financial or educational concerns. Having trouble balancing school and your personal life? Need assistance coping with a learning disability? We’re here for you.


We have a licensed, registered nurse on campus for several sessions each week and treats common ailments and issues at no cost to you. Students with more serious health issues will be referred to local medical facilities, with transportation provided if needed.

Having trouble adjusting to college life, or struggling with depression, substance abuse or grief? Our licensed independent mental health counselor is here to listen and help you find the solutions you need. Care is free and available by appointment.

Nurse’s Office
First Floor, Concord Hall
153 Concord Street
Manchester, NH, 03104
(603) 836-2111
Open Mondays, Thursdays, and Friday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Mental Health Services
First Floor, Concord Hall
153 Concord Street
Manchester, NH, 03104
(603) 836-2529


Security services on our campus are provided by Securitas, who conduct our building checks, respond to emergency calls, and provide escort services when requested. All Securitas employees are security professionals with specialized knowledge and resources, including CRP-certification, that enables them to keep students, faculty and staff safe and comfortable.

We also maintain a close relationship with the Manchester police department, working together to ensure the safety of students and staff both on and around our campus. Representatives from the department visit campus multiple times each year to talk about the simple steps students can take to ensure personal safety in an urban environment. Officers also regularly patrol the campus area.

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