Academic Support

The New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) offers many academic support services to students so they can be successful during their time here and as they enter into their career.

Coaching Creatives Mentor Program 

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Coaching Creatives guides students in their transition to college and on to their careers. Students are matched with professional tutoring staff and faculty, based on both their major and support needs.

We started this program to help students with all kinds of challenges in college: balancing school, work, and social life; academics and grades; studio courses and working with new or difficult mediums; students struggling to feel connected to the community, and more.

The program offers the following:

  • An individualized intake meeting with staff to establish a tailored support plan.
  • Twelve (12) one-on-one sessions with staff over the course of the semester.
  • Unlimited tutoring sessions with student tutors, as scheduling allows.
  • A dedicated online Coaching Creatives course, with all-hours access to additional materials and tools to support students outside of sessions and encourage autonomy.

Key program points:

  • Holistic support in academic and social ways to find their voice and maintain their overall wellness
  • Flexible and personalized for each student
  • Focuses on each student’s unique goals as a creative, a student, a professional, and as a member of a community
  • Connects students to other departments and faculty and resources across the community to help them succeed

The program fee is $1850 per semester, which is eligible to be covered by financial aid. Students can elect to enroll on a per-semester basis or annually. To enroll, please contact Kris Droney, the Director of Academic Support and Disability Services.

The Benefits:

  • Higher GPA & academic success
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Connection to the community
  • Immediate access to Career Services
  • Greater confidence as a learner, professional, and creative

From the Director:

“I see a lot of students who feel anxious about college and lack confidence as learners and creatives. Students that have worked with us throughout their time at NHIA have shown tremendous growth and have become more independent and empowered individuals, students and professionals. We don’t want them to need us anymore when their time here comes to an end, and often when they work with us, they don’t.” – Kris Droney, Director of Academic Support and Disability Services

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