Faculty Linda Peck

Linda Peck

BFA Liberal Arts Faculty


M.ED Integrated Arts/Cultural Education/Arts and Society, Mind Body Disciplines, - Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire


email - LindaPeck@nhia.edu

Linda Peck, M.Ed. Integrated Arts Mind Body Practice, is a University Instructor, Artist and Innovator working with diverse student and faculty environments. Linda graduated cum laude from Plymouth State University with a Masters in Integrated Arts. Her first foray into graduate school was spent at Lesley University where she received a merit scholarship for her course of study in Arts Integration and Mind Body Practices. Ms. Peck’s varied background in Theatre, and Mime (Jacques Le Coq E’ecole du Mime, Paris) combined with brain-body research, quantum theory, epistemology and mindfulness foster unique connections across disciplines. In addition to a University Instructor, Linda is a certified Tai Chi/Qi Gong instructor, a 2nd degree blackbelt (Yi Dan), and certified in Self Defense(RAD). She has spent years researching Chinese philosophy, and ideas surrounding multi-verses, which drives her passion for teaching at the intersection of Art and Science. Linda is an adjunct at Antioch University in addition to the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Ms. Peck is an animated Instructor and as so uses a creative teaching pedagogy, that makes her courses prescriptively vibrant.