Board of Trustees


Tom Stevens, Chair
Chief Administrative Officer, KeyCorp, (Retired) New Hampshire Regional President, Eastern Bank

Joe Reilly, Vice Chair
New Hampshire Regional President, Eastern Bank, Retired

Kevin Clougherty, Treasurer
Advisor, US Treasury and Former Commissioner of Revenue, State of New Hampshire

George Foote, Jr., Secretary
Former President, Advantec


Beate Becker
Cultural Economic Development Consultant

Nick Bentley
Chairman, CEO and President, RiverStone Resources, LLC

Suzanne Canali
Faculty Trustee

Ellie Cochran
Retired Director of Philanthropy, New Hampshire Charitable Trust

Ellen Davis
Professional Artist

Tom Dougherty
Former Vice President, Fidelity Investments

Benjamin F. Gayman
Attorney at Law, Devine, Millimet & Branch P.A.

Terry Heinzmann
Professional Artist

Karen Hillson
Faculty Trustee

Karen Mayeu
Faculty Trustee

David J. Murray
Principal, Clear Eye Photo

Bill Stevens
President, Harvey Construction Corporation

Trustee Emeritus

Maurice Beliveau
Lifetime Trustee

Barbara Bickford
Trustee Emeritus

Ex Officio

Kent Devereaux
President & Chief Academic Officer, New Hampshire Institute of Art

Scott Fields
Director of Finance

Jonathan Lindsay
Vice President of Enrollment

Lucinda Bliss
Dean of Graduate Studies

Bill Schaaf
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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